Three Tips for Taking a Perfect Shot of Supercars

Collecting diecast models can be a fun hobby for anyone of any age. These are now available in a myriad of options. While some are made specifically as toys, others are mostly geared towards the collectors’ preferences. There are many people who are crazy about photography for Australian Supercars or many other makes too.

To be honest, car photography is not an easy task. Many techniques are used, depending on the the model and location of the car; and these two are notthe only factors. A lot gors into getting that professional finesse. So here are five tips to get you perfect click for your favorite diecast model.

  1. Choose the Location

One of the challenges in photographing the specialities like vintage, classic carlectables, luxury and sports collectibles is, to locate them. The best opportunity arises when there is any exhibition or rally anywhere near your location. This is the perfect time to show your skill.


  • The selection of the lens depends on various factors such as location, lighting.

  • Make sure you shoot a couple of hours after the sunshine and before sunset on outdoor locations.

  1. Select a Car of your Choice

It is very important to choose the right car for a photo shoot. Choose some bright colors like red, yellow, or blue; it brings about a grace in your picture. That ius done, position yourself at such an angle that the car is facing diagonally and then take a couple of shots. There are two angles from which you can aim well.


  • The first angle is the Classic standing position.

  • The second is to align yourself to the height of the bonnet, which in most of situations will be about your waist height.

  • Feel free to explore other angles like low angle, high angle, eye angle.

  1. Focus on Detailed Artwork

Whenever you are clicking pictures of these models , pay special attention to the detailed artwork of the logo, graphic work, or metallic carvings done on the body of the cars , especially those like v8 cars.

cars photography luxury sport cars black cars 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_77

  • Once, you have covered the exterior, now focus on the interiors like the dashboard, steering wheel and back seats.

  • In most of the Australian Supercars, the interior is made up of high-quality leather and and the dashboard is forged in teak wood with lacquer finishing.

  • Always avoid the flash, as some of the interior components will be have shining stainless steel or even gold plated art work.

After reading these tips ,you will definitely be inspired to do a good photo session of your diecast car collection.


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